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Anime Portrait Sketch Request: Doomberry83! by Cytoscourge


My way to help

"Any art done out of love, whether love for the subject of the art, or love of the audience, or love of the act of creating art, is always good art. We amateur artists need that love to keep us going. So keep it up."

originally posted to SasuNaru178 :iconsasunaru178:



Sep 4, 2015
5:17 am
Sep 4, 2015
3:29 am
Sep 4, 2015
2:32 am
Sep 4, 2015
12:38 am
Sep 3, 2015
11:02 pm

New Bleach men poll, without Ichigo, for another lewd pic with another new Bleach woman 

2 deviants said Urahara
1 deviant said Chad
1 deviant said Aizen
No deviants said Ishida
No deviants said Kaien
No deviants said Hisagi
No deviants said Kyoraku
No deviants said Zaraki
No deviants said Renji
No deviants said Isshin

New Bleach women poll, without Orihime, for another lewd pic with another new Bleach man 

6 deviants said Rukia
3 deviants said Rangiku
2 deviants said Yoruichi
1 deviant said Tatsuki
1 deviant said Hallibel
1 deviant said Unohana
1 deviant said Nel
No deviants said Isane
No deviants said Nanao
No deviants said Riruka
Now I wanted your suggestions for the pose between Orihime and Ichigo! Remember, I'm going for sexy and dirty! So whatever you want! If your too embarrassed to suggest it in the comments below, leave me a note ;) I'll compile all the suggestions and make a new poll out of it :D
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Warning, wall of text. Though it's not rambling, it's important to all my watchers who actually follow me.

For the recent polls, I'll wait one more day before declaring a victor, though it seems everyone is voting for Ichigo, while the women's poll is much more diverse. Orihime was leading early and by a lot, but now Rukia is ahead by one. I'll wait and see what happens there. I'll update this journal to announce the winners, and take ideas in that journal's comments about what the pic should be. Remember I'm doing a lewd pic, so anything sex themed that still falls within my requests rules of what I will and won't do. Make your ideas as dirty or clean as you want, just make sure it's something that can easily feature the both of them. Once I've compiled enough of those ideas I will do another poll with those ideas and draw the winner. Since Ichigo is likely to be a part of it, I can't show the whole piece here, I will have to provide links to a file and/or put it on my tumblr. I'll probably do another poll with other Bleach characters that will not include the winners from this round.

I still have some old requests to get through, as well as a desire to draw some of my own ideas. Once I'm ready I'll announce the new request batch theme. Some of you new followers may not know, but I started a new thing where instead of taking random requests I come up with a theme to keep everyone's ideas similar and with something I want so it's fun for me to draw instead of characters I'm not familiar with.

On that note, I want to say that I will no longer take requests for anything I have not seen or read or whatever. It gets hard for me to care about drawing something where I don't know the characters. If you ask for something I am not familiar with, I will ask for another idea. The only exception being Naruto-related stuff since even though I have never watched/read it, I have done enough requests for it in the past to not mind doing it more.

Also, if you want to note me to ask a question, JUST ASK. Don't make a note that says, "Can I ask a question?" or something like that. I hate that. Just ask.
And a reminder, never ask how much longer it will take me to get through requests, or how many I have, or anything with a time frame. I hate that as well. It puts pressure on me, which is not something I should have to experience. 

I generally try to be pleasant here, or at least neutral. I don't want to get stuffy or mean. But sometimes I break, and I apologize, and it's usually for some stupid reason. Don't be that reason. 

Now to be happy!
I've had Korra on the mind apparently, because two artists I follow were doing free requests and I asked for Korra from the both of them :D

first was :iconem-scribbles:
Korra Sketch by em-scribbles
and next was :iconelgustavo:
Request | Korra by eLGustavo
pretty awesome huh?! Check them out if you haven't already!
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here's a list of the pending requests I have gathered (some go back pretty far). This is not in order, nor will they be completed in the order I received them.


- Katara/Korra arm wrestling for :iconjwappel:

- Unohana pic for :icondark-god-dingo:

- Tonya/Sonya tickle pic for :iconhappytriangle:

- Hinata/Sakura cheez whiz prank for :iconbobbyclarke74:

- Mei/Tsunade face sit for :iconcecilartman:

- Steven Universe cast in Avengers pose for :iconalomar3882:

- Asuka tickled by Misato for :iconlghx:

- Android 18 belly dancer for :iconaorn:

- Drunk Heather hitting on Cody for :icondoomsdayultra:

- Rinoa in original outfit for :icondavontewagner:

- Roberta/Revy for :iconkayrachou:

- TDI Beth for :iconxrl8: (this account was deactivated, anyone know if they have a new account?)


- :iconbustergundam4:'s OC Sapphire as Rip from Hellsing
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I've mentioned before that I love this game, despite not owning it or a PS4 (I play at my friend's house). I got to play it today for the first time in a while, and had a blast. I got my character Krell to level 29, and designed a new outfit. He plays with a giant projector screen which is amazing.
Here's some pics of her original outfit, which I designed to look like a shinigami uniform from 'Bleach' (because I thought of Krell as being closer to Tatsuki than to my OC Elle, who Krell is based on and who herself is based a little on Tatsuki) (sorry for pic quality, I took pics with my phone off his screen a while ago):
Here's the outfit I designed today, which uses the school girl options of clothing, and I made the skirt look a little like tartan kilt colors:

I had another design from a while back that had her in Android 18's jeans and wearing Goku's gi, but I haven't taken pics of it (I thought it looked good at the time, now not so much).

My friend's main character for the game is pretty boring, but he has another one he's leveling up now, a cute Buu girl named Brenna:
those yoga-looking bottoms are great for rear shots, because Buu girls have great butts :D

I've posted this awesome pic of Krell done by :iconkuzu-me: before:
request: doomberry83 by kuzu-me
but she has also done a commission for me of Krell:
commission: doombery83 by kuzu-me
effing fantastic am I right?!
check out her work, and she's taking more-than-reasonably-priced commissions again so get something!!!
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  • Watching: ST:TNG
I know it's about a week from when everyone else did it, but I wasn't around, so here it is now :D
(I copied this from someone else, so hopefully these are the right questions)

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 7 years, though I posted my first deviations in one shot, then didn't come back to dA for three years, so only really been active since 2012.

  2. What does your username mean? Doomberry (or DoomBerry or Doom Berry) is actually one of my nicknames with my friends, explained in this early deviation: Doom Berry. 83 is my birth year.

  3. Describe yourself in three words. Could be better

  4. Are you left or right handed? right, left hand is barely useable :D

  5. What was your first deviation? I did an image dump when I started, but my very first submission was: Doom Berries by DoomBerry83 and after I took a hiatus my first one when I came back was: Komamura from Bleach by DoomBerry83

  6. What is your favorite type of art to create? Fan art in general, though the past few years it's been fan service fan art, with a focus on boobs and butts :3

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be? Any digital art program (painting would be cool too)

  8. What was your first favorite? I shamefully didn't fave any pics for a long time, even after I came back. My first fave was actually a cosplay pic: Golden Darkness Cosplay #51 by Shiizuku because I was into 'To Love Ru' at the time

  9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most? Fan art for the most part, in near any style. Some cosplay.

  10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist? Wow, well, there's plenty. I don't follow people lightly, so if I follow you and your art, I really want to. Here's a few off the top of my head, the ones I find as legitimate influences on me and my art (all through their talent, and some through their personal encouragement to me in particular): :iconkuzu-me: :iconmatsu-sensei:  :iconviracon:  :iconslb-creations:  :iconjcdr:  :icongairon:  :iconpowerman2000:  :iconjassycoco:  :icontheycallhimcake:  :icongreengiant2012:  :icontheeyzmaster:  :iconninozap0: :iconero-enzo:  :iconbfetish:  :iconcytoscourge: :icontheboxjellyfish:    

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?  basically the same list as above, they are all great people and I would love to have a sit down with them at some point

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? :iconcytoscourge: has been a particular influence and provided much encouragement, and many of my followers have been extremely supportive over the years.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? I only use pencils, right now I prefer 4H level graphite, as it is light enough to erase if needed, and dark enough to leave without having to go over the lines again (I used to, and still occasionally, 'line art' my original lines with a darker pencil, preferably HB level).  

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? I only ever draw my final pieces sitting at my computer desk, with my drawing book on top of two pillows on top of my lap (I used to put the pillow on my pull-out drawer that my keyboard was on, but it broke). I sometimes sketch late at night in bed in an old lined journal, which I've posted some things from before.

  15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory? Obviously, your first watcher is always special, as well as when someone faves your work for the first time (though I'm not sure who that was and for which piece). I love when artists I follow follow me in return and actually fave and/or comment on my work (I think Bfetish was the first to do that, and as I said Cytoscourge does it regularly).

if you made it through all of that, if there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask :) I'm pretty open, so you can ask me almost anything ;)

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Journal History


I hardly use this status thing, mainly because it's kind of pointless since the only people who see it are the ones who visit the main page itself, which are usually new people. It would make more sense if it was sent as a update/journal/whatever for all your followers to see, since it's easier than making a whole journal for a short message.
I hope everyone gets a chance to spend today with that special someone or something they love. Whether an in-person partner or online friends, whether a plushie or dakimakura, or the act of creating something, or relaxing while reading/watching your favorite series. There's not enough love in the world, and while some of us may not have a partner, there is always something we love. Love it, and never let it go.  
It's been so long since I've done anything with my OCs, I feel kinda bad about it. I just don't know what else to do except for the same old thing. Guess that's why fan art and requests are good to have as a focal point. It seems some people only draw their own OCs and then run of ideas. I at least have something to fall back on, or actually, something I do primarily.


DoomBerry83's Profile Picture
David, uh, I mean DOOM!
United States
Current Residence: Latveria, CT
Favorite genre of music: metal and hard rock mostly, but I like some rap, folk, classic....
Favorite style of art: surrealism or whatever it is the dali and magritte do, plus most forms of comic book and manga art
Favorite cartoon character: Rukia <3, any animated version of Batman, Brock Samson
Personal Quote: i can be deep, or self-deprecating, or an ass, so my quote depends on what mood you catch me in

my tumblr art tag:…

Request Rules

Check most recent journal for request news.

I've been getting more requests recently and must say I'm quite flattered. However I have a feeling I'll need to set down ground rules for future requests. I'd like to keep it mostly to stuff I know, as in shows I've watched, and comics and manga I've read. Also the themes of the work can be mature, but to a point. I'm not entirely comfortable with some things I've been asked to do recently, certain fetishist stuff I don't care for. Not to be a dick, but I think it's only fair.

- I might just come out and say if I don't want to do it or not, please don't take it personally.

- Look through my gallery and see the kind of work I do, from the shows and comics they're from. This is mostly what I want to do. I may make exceptions, but I mostly want to do what I already know.

- I'm not judging, but I do not want to do anything involving toilets, diapers, gore, vore, pregnancy, furry, farting, or any other fetish as it comes up that I don't want to do. I know we all have our weird things (and it's not necessarily right to call them weird, and I have a few of my own) if I don't feel comfortable doing it, I shouldn't have to do it, nor should it be expected of me.

- I do chubby versions of characters, but not obese (as in rolls of fat, and/or so big they can't move around). No more inflation, either.

- I'm not doing this for money, and I only draw on my free time. I have a job and school, and this site is more for fun for me than anything else. In other words, don't always expect prompt responses and drawings. I'll take as long as I feel I need.

- The quality of the pic will be the same as I normally publish here. I try to take as good a picture as I can, but I only use my phone's camera. I don't have a scanner.

- If it's something only you want, and don't want to share or have me post on my gallery, that is totally fine. I will give you the link for the version.

- I will do OCs. Yours, or another deviant's, but ONLY if I know their work. And they're okay with such things.

- NO comics of any length.

- One to Two characters MAX.

- Hentai/Porn is allowed, but still under the same rules as above (I will also do futa).

- Anything else that could be a rule or issue I'll deal with as the case arises.

Thank You.

also, donate points if you like my work, but I don't do point commissions/requests

ALSO: for shows/series I would prefer to work on, refer to list below

Series I've Watched/Read


a few had asked me, so here's a list that I'm not sure is entirely complete (A=anime, M=manga):

Ah My Buddha! (A)
Attack on Titan (M)
Azumanga Daioh (A/M)
Berserk (A)
Black Lagoon (A/M)
Bleach (A/M)
Blue Exorcist (A/M)
Code Geass (A)
Cowboy Bebop (A)
Cromartie High School (A/M)
Death Note (A)
Devil May Cry (A)
Dragon Ball (A/M, though admittedly not all. Currently reading DBZ era manga)
Eiken (A)
Fairy Tail (A, first 50-ish episodes)
FullMetal Alchemist (anime, but now reading manga for the first time slowly)
FullMetal Alechemist: Brotherhood
Full Metal Panic (A)
Ghost in the Shell (A)
Girls Bravo (A)
Godannar (A)
Gunbuster-Diebuster (A)
Gunsmith Cats (M, but not 'Burst')
Hellsing (A/M)
Hetalia (A/M, but not all of either)
Highschool of the Dead (A/M)
I Can't Understand What My Husband is saying (A, ongoing)
Iria (A)
Kanon (A)
Kill la Kill (A)
Kurokami (A)
Kuroko's Basketball (A, ongoing, and behind)
Ladies vs Butlers (A)
Lucky Star (A)
Lupin III (smattering of episodes and few of the movies)
Manyuu Hickenchou (A)
Neon Gensis Evangelion (A)
Nyan Koi (A)
One Piece (M)
Panty and Stocking (A)
Planetes (A)
Queen's Blade (A)
Rin, Daughter's of Mnemosyne (A)
sekirei (A)
Sora no Woto (A)
Soul Eater (A/M)
Squid Girl (A)
Steins;Gate (A)
Strike Witches (A)
Sword Art Online (A)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (A/M. yes there was a manga)
Testament of the Sister New Devil (A)
Toradora (A)
Toriko (M, but way behind)
Triage X (A/M, both ongoing I think)
Trigun (A/M)
Yotsuba (M,there is no anime)

CARTOONS (most in their entirety)
American Dad
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Batman (90s series, includes Superman and Justice League)
Dexter's Lab
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Family Guy
GI Joe (80s version)
Gravity Falls
Johnny Bravo
Legend of Korra
Megas XLR
Phineas and Ferb
Rick and Morty
Samurai Jack
Steven Universe
Star Butterfly vs The Forces of Evil
TMNT (80s version, and 2012 version)
Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go!
Total Drama Island (and it's sequels, though not all)
Venture Bros.
X-Men (90s version, and 'Wolverine and the X-Men')
*most Disney and Pixar and other animated movies, probably a few other shows over the years, just ask

I don't really play video games, but I like the girls from Street Fighter

Request List

Requests to be done (NOT IN ORDER):


My own to-do list:

Birthday gifts from awesome people

-The Princess that Kissed the Moon. by Leeleechanlee
drawn by :iconleeleechanlee:

-Beach wear. by Leeleechanlee
also drawn by :iconleeleechanlee:

Mature Content

Merry Birthmas Doomie by ZombieErnie

drawn by :iconzombieernie:

Birthday Gift for DoomBerry83 by TheBoxJellyfish
drawn by :icontheboxjellyfish:

Mature Content

Chi-Chi's bath time by Neikou

drawn by :iconneikou:

And now for something completely different



DoomBerry83 has started a donation pool!
1,775 / 1,000
I would like points either as a way to pay commissions, or to purchase better versions of deviations that some artists offer. Donate because you like my work, or because you're kind in general. I also would accept points as payment for requests (that I offer for free money-wise, but a few points in return would be nice).

You must be logged in to donate.

dA has made me less ashamed to be a perv. . . good?


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