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Anime Portrait Sketch Request: Doomberry83! by Cytoscourge


My way to help

"Any art done out of love, whether love for the subject of the art, or love of the audience, or love of the act of creating art, is always good art. We amateur artists need that love to keep us going. So keep it up."

originally posted to SasuNaru178 :iconsasunaru178:



Oct 10, 2015
2:25 am
Oct 9, 2015
11:25 pm
Oct 9, 2015
10:12 pm
Oct 9, 2015
9:45 pm
Oct 9, 2015
9:22 pm

on top of the Halloween requests I mentioned on my journal, I would also like to draw one of the Strike Witches girls in a sexy witch outfit again :D I did Lynette last year ( who should it be this year? (not including Shirley or Per 

3 deviants said Minna
3 deviants said Mio
3 deviants said Erica
2 deviants said Yoshika
1 deviant said Franchesca
1 deviant said Gertrud
No deviants said Eila
No deviants said Sanya

I still have Wendy on the brain, and was thinking about drawing this all day at work: . So here's the question: Who is behind her? (I didn't leave a ton of room on the page, but I'll make it work) 

5 deviants said Dipper
No deviants said Robbie
No deviants said Soos
I KNOW I KNOW I have tons of OC requests to do, some even older requests, some side projects (like the Bleach lewd poll pics), and little time to do any of it but I LOVE HALLOWEEN and so I want to at least give you guys the chance to give me ideas for Halloween themed drawings! :pumpkin::pumpkin::pumpkin::pumpkin::pumpkin::pumpkin:

*This includes characters dressed as other characters, dressed in classic Halloween costumes, or similar ideas. They can range from cute to pornographic ;) I will still prefer to stick to characters I know, a list of which can be found on my main page, but if they are related in some way to Halloween-themed shows or movies I may consider it.

*Instead of just one idea per person as usual, you can give me as many ideas as you want, JUST KEEP IN MIND my request rules are still in effect, and, let's admit it, I WILL NOT DO ALL OF YOUR IDEAS. I will likely do these BEFORE I finish any more of the OC requests, but it depends on what strikes my fancy.

check this link for stuff in my gallery related to Halloween:…
There's probably more. . .
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just a head's up of what's been going on.

I will be starting the OC requests soon, but I still need to finish drafts of a few older requests.

My side project of nsfw Bleach drawings will happen as I feel like drawing them.
The Ichigo/Orihime pic is mostly done.
The Urahara/Rukia pic, which will show reverse cowgirl, will be next.
The Hisagi/Rangiku pic after that. What are some suggestions for that pic? Remember, lewd and crude ;)
I will do another voting round for more Bleach characters eventually.

I am also doing a special drawing for a friend that will feature a caricature of myself baking while a female character of my choice is behind me yelling at me to work harder. I figure this would be a tsundere type, much like Asuka from Evangelion, or Saya from Highschool of the Dead (both will be on the eventual poll I do). Can you think of other females that fit that archetype? List as many as you can think of.

And as a reminder, because multiple people have been doing this, PLEASE DO NOT ASK ABOUT PROGRESS FOR YOUR REQUESTS!!! Unless it's been like a month, DO NOT ASK! It is annoying. You are not some special snowflake that will get your request done before other people. Asking me will make it more likely I will do it even later, or not at all. I also only draw when I feel like it, and even in my free time I don't always feel like it. I work 35-40 hours a week at my job, and so my free time is either devoted to friends, reading, checking deviantArt and tumblr updates, or just being lazy. While I love to draw, it is not the only thing I do besides work.
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Well now that is settled. . . I'm kidding, the voting was tied forever, then spanking/cream went ahead by one, and now boob smothering is leading by one?!?! Oh well, guess I'll have to do both ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) First off is the butt-centered one:
Image by DoomBerry83

Because I can't specifically claim who these characters are now, because of dA regulations, Let's just say that for now, the guy will not be holding a cool whip canister in the final product :D
I'm not sure if I will still go with the girl spanking herself, as I like how the ass came out, and I don't want to mess it all up adding an arm and motion lines :B

may be worked on more tomorrow :)
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WOW been almost three months since I've done this :D (Big Grin)
For anyone who has started following me in that time, I started only accepting requests that fit a particular theme of my choosing. So here's how it goes: I name a series/theme, everyone gives me an idea, and I may or may not do them all.

I still have some requests to work on beforehand (and others that will wait after), but I really wanted to get the ball rolling on this.

SO the new theme is:

MY OCS!!!!
THAT'S RIGHT!!! MY OWN ORIGINAL CHARACTERS!!!! I've had a few people ask for this, so now it's happening :) Some who have followed me for a while might not even have known since I've done so little with them. I'll give a basic run down of the characters after the rules listed below:



These are the general rules concerning all request batches:

1) I will create a journal (or re-use this one) to announce I'm taking requests, and that those requests must be based around a particular series or theme (Bleach, big boobs, futa, and so on, as well as combinations of ideas).

2) Anyone who wants to submit there request must do so IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THAT JOURNAL WHERE  THE ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE, NOT IN A NOTE. I want to keep it to the comments so I'm not checking back and forth between the comments and notes.  

3) IT IS NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. I will take all of the requested ideas into consideration and only do a select number of them, depending on my work load and real life goings-on. I will select the ideas I like best. Do not be offended if I do not choose your idea. I will likely not do them in the order they are listed.


5) *AMENDED* Whenever you first see the journal, go ahead and ask. Take your time and choose wisely (though we can perhaps smooth out an idea together if you're unsure or if I'm not entirely liking the idea). 

6) depending on how I feel, if I choose your idea for one round, I may or may not choose your next idea for the next round. Out of fairness to others. But we'll see, ask anyway.

7) There will be no regularity with which I do this, and there will not be a time limit to when I get the requests done. I don't like the pressure that comes with deadlines. They will get done when I get to them, and when all are done, I will move on to the next round.

8) I don't want to overload myself with work, so I may not accept additional requests on top of these.

9) Requests are still bound by my Request Rules located on my main page (such as what I will and won't do).

10) not a rule so much as a reminder: PORN IS OK :D (Big Grin) I'll edit a version for dA and post the full thing on tumblr, as usual.

Also, as a reminder now and for the future, male characters are ok too, though I'd like them paired with a female perhaps (I'm not against male pin-ups, though).


OK, so if you get the gist of all that, here is a basic list of my OCs, which are all part of the same universe (sort of):

Link to gallery folder:…

Elle Introducing my OCs: Elle-my first and favorite OC, the athletic girl with unwanted boob-expansion powers (her look has changed a little from this original pic, so think Tatsuki from 'Bleach')

Jessie Introducing my OCs: Jessie- Elle's best friend, physically think Orihime from 'Bleach' (no powers we decided on)

Apple Introducing my OCs: Apple- another of Elle and Jessie's close friends, she is flat chested but has wide hips and a huge butt, and desires larger breasts (her powers is to make people's butts bigger) (think physically Stocking from 'Panty and Stocking' but without the boobs)

Nira Introducing my OCs: Nira- another close friend of the above girls, my resident BBW, think Velma from 'Scooby-Doo' in appearance, just bigger in all areas. Power to make women BBWs like her. I can't decide if I want her bashful or courageous about her looks, so you can go either way. 

Princess Introducing my OCs: Princess Roger- Apple's little sister. Think personality and appearance of Taiga from 'Toradora', except with big breasts.

Cordo Introducing my OCs: Cordo- my first futa/dickgirl character. Tall, muscular, dark skinned (I think I may make her Latino). Sort of had Hallibel from 'Bleach' in mind, mostly for the skin and body type, though she has yellow eyes like Yoruichi).

Petunia Introducing my OCs: Petunia (aka Petal)- my other futa girl, except small and petite. Appearance based on Perrine from 'Strike Witches' but not the same personality.

Philomena Introducing my OCs: Philomena, Apple's mother- mother of Apple and Princess, my first MILF character. Think perhaps Morticia Addams of 'Addams Family' but even curvier.

Nancy Introducing my OCs: Nancy, Jessie's mom- Jessie's mom. I had no particular character in mind when designing her, just that she's a thick milf.

Maria Introducing my OCs: Maria- nurse character, mostly based on Sakaki from 'Azumanga Daioh' except with glasses and more personality. And bigger boobs.

Krell - haven't officially drawn her yet. She's my character from the 'Dragon Ball: Xenoverse' game, and she's a Saiyan version of my OC Elle. She's the only character that I'd rather not allow anything involving boob or breast expansion, instead maybe focusing on her musculature or fitness in general (which can still be done sexy), fighting abilities, or whatever else comes to mind.   

Normal request rules apply as always, meaning no to certain fetishes (as listed on my main page).
I hope for those of you who have seen little to none of my OCs enjoy them, and hopefully I can build an even larger OC gallery and maybe develop them a little further :)
My work schedule has been brutal lately and when I get home from a long day of work I haven't even felt like getting on the computer. I haven't felt the urge to draw. I won't even have a good opportunity to draw until at least Wednesday, my next day off, and even then I might be busy doing yard work. I still need to thank new watchers, and otherwise keep up with communications from old followers. I try to keep in contact through my phone, but it doesn't always feel right. I'll be around :)

Journal History


I hardly use this status thing, mainly because it's kind of pointless since the only people who see it are the ones who visit the main page itself, which are usually new people. It would make more sense if it was sent as a update/journal/whatever for all your followers to see, since it's easier than making a whole journal for a short message.
I hope everyone gets a chance to spend today with that special someone or something they love. Whether an in-person partner or online friends, whether a plushie or dakimakura, or the act of creating something, or relaxing while reading/watching your favorite series. There's not enough love in the world, and while some of us may not have a partner, there is always something we love. Love it, and never let it go.  
It's been so long since I've done anything with my OCs, I feel kinda bad about it. I just don't know what else to do except for the same old thing. Guess that's why fan art and requests are good to have as a focal point. It seems some people only draw their own OCs and then run of ideas. I at least have something to fall back on, or actually, something I do primarily.


DoomBerry83's Profile Picture
David, uh, I mean DOOM!
United States
Current Residence: Latveria, CT
Favorite genre of music: metal and hard rock mostly, but I like some rap, folk, classic....
Favorite style of art: surrealism or whatever it is the dali and magritte do, plus most forms of comic book and manga art
Favorite cartoon character: Rukia <3, any animated version of Batman, Brock Samson
Personal Quote: i can be deep, or self-deprecating, or an ass, so my quote depends on what mood you catch me in

my tumblr art tag:…

Request Rules

Check most recent journal for request news.

I've been getting more requests recently and must say I'm quite flattered. However I have a feeling I'll need to set down ground rules for future requests. I'd like to keep it mostly to stuff I know, as in shows I've watched, and comics and manga I've read. Also the themes of the work can be mature, but to a point. I'm not entirely comfortable with some things I've been asked to do recently, certain fetishist stuff I don't care for. Not to be a dick, but I think it's only fair.

- I might just come out and say if I don't want to do it or not, please don't take it personally.

- Look through my gallery and see the kind of work I do, from the shows and comics they're from. This is mostly what I want to do. I may make exceptions, but I mostly want to do what I already know.

- I'm not judging, but I do not want to do anything involving toilets, diapers, gore, vore, pregnancy, furry, farting, or any other fetish as it comes up that I don't want to do. I know we all have our weird things (and it's not necessarily right to call them weird, and I have a few of my own) if I don't feel comfortable doing it, I shouldn't have to do it, nor should it be expected of me.

- I do chubby versions of characters, but not obese (as in rolls of fat, and/or so big they can't move around). No more inflation, either.

- I'm not doing this for money, and I only draw on my free time. I have a job and school, and this site is more for fun for me than anything else. In other words, don't always expect prompt responses and drawings. I'll take as long as I feel I need.

- The quality of the pic will be the same as I normally publish here. I try to take as good a picture as I can, but I only use my phone's camera. I don't have a scanner.

- If it's something only you want, and don't want to share or have me post on my gallery, that is totally fine. I will give you the link for the version.

- I will do OCs. Yours, or another deviant's, but ONLY if I know their work. And they're okay with such things.

- NO comics of any length.

- One to Two characters MAX.

- Hentai/Porn is allowed, but still under the same rules as above (I will also do futa).

- Anything else that could be a rule or issue I'll deal with as the case arises.

Thank You.

also, donate points if you like my work, but I don't do point commissions/requests

ALSO: for shows/series I would prefer to work on, refer to list below

and remember:
I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte I draw what I want stamp by izka197

Series I've Watched/Read


a few had asked me, so here's a list that I'm not sure is entirely complete (A=anime, M=manga):

Ah My Buddha! (A)
Attack on Titan (M)
Azumanga Daioh (A/M)
Berserk (A)
Black Lagoon (A/M)
Bleach (A/M)
Blue Exorcist (A/M)
Code Geass (A)
Cowboy Bebop (A)
Cromartie High School (A/M)
Death Note (A)
Devil May Cry (A)
Dragon Ball (A/M, though admittedly not all. Currently reading DBZ era manga)
Eiken (A)
Fairy Tail (A, first 50-ish episodes)
FullMetal Alchemist (anime, but now reading manga for the first time slowly)
FullMetal Alechemist: Brotherhood
Full Metal Panic (A)
Ghost in the Shell (A)
Girls Bravo (A)
Godannar (A)
Gunbuster-Diebuster (A)
Gunsmith Cats (M, but not 'Burst')
Hellsing (A/M)
Hetalia (A/M, but not all of either)
Highschool of the Dead (A/M)
I Can't Understand What My Husband is saying (A, ongoing)
Iria (A)
Kanon (A)
Kill la Kill (A)
Kurokami (A)
Kuroko's Basketball (A, ongoing, and behind)
Ladies vs Butlers (A)
Lucky Star (A)
Lupin III (smattering of episodes and few of the movies)
Manyuu Hickenchou (A)
Neon Gensis Evangelion (A)
Nyan Koi (A)
One Piece (M)
Panty and Stocking (A)
Planetes (A)
Queen's Blade (A)
Rin, Daughter's of Mnemosyne (A)
sekirei (A)
Sora no Woto (A)
Soul Eater (A/M)
Squid Girl (A)
Steins;Gate (A)
Strike Witches (A)
Sword Art Online (A)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (A/M. yes there was a manga)
Testament of the Sister New Devil (A)
Toradora (A)
Toriko (M, but way behind)
Triage X (A/M, both ongoing I think)
Trigun (A/M)
Yotsuba (M,there is no anime)

CARTOONS (most in their entirety)
American Dad
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Batman (90s series, includes Superman and Justice League)
Dexter's Lab
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Family Guy
GI Joe (80s version)
Gravity Falls
Johnny Bravo
Legend of Korra
Megas XLR
Phineas and Ferb
Rick and Morty
Samurai Jack
Steven Universe
Star Butterfly vs The Forces of Evil
TMNT (80s version, and 2012 version)
Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go!
Total Drama Island (and it's sequels, though not all)
Venture Bros.
X-Men (90s version, and 'Wolverine and the X-Men')
*most Disney and Pixar and other animated movies, probably a few other shows over the years, just ask

I don't really play video games, but I like the girls from Street Fighter

Request List

Requests to be done (NOT IN ORDER):


My own to-do list:

Birthday gifts from awesome people

-The Princess that Kissed the Moon. by Leeleechanlee
drawn by :iconleeleechanlee:

-Beach wear. by Leeleechanlee
also drawn by :iconleeleechanlee:

Mature Content

Merry Birthmas Doomie by ZombieErnie

drawn by :iconzombieernie:

Birthday Gift for DoomBerry83 by TheBoxJellyfish
drawn by :icontheboxjellyfish:

Mature Content

Chi-Chi's bath time by Neikou

drawn by :iconneikou:

And now for something completely different



DoomBerry83 has started a donation pool!
1,977 / 1,000
I would like points either as a way to pay commissions, or to purchase better versions of deviations that some artists offer. Donate because you like my work, or because you're kind in general. I also would accept points as payment for requests (that I offer for free money-wise, but a few points in return would be nice).

You must be logged in to donate.

dA has made me less ashamed to be a perv. . . good?


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