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Introducing my OCs: Elle by DoomBerry83 Introducing my OCs: Elle by DoomBerry83
I've said in passing before how I've kinda wanted to make my own original characters, so I finally did. I have three more to eventually introduce, but I still need to flesh them out some more. Here is my first, Elle. The info about her is below, though I will say now that at times I see her in my head as being chubby instead of fit, which will make more sense when/if you read further.

When I wrote the descriptions for all of them, I did it in a sort of stream-of-consciousness style, to try not to think about it too hard, and to introduce elements I otherwise wouldn't have thought of, and to try to keep my personality out of their personality.

here is what I wrote for Elle:
"Elle (Eleanor)
-tomboyish personality, athletic though now slightly overweight, enormous breasts, thick athletic legs, short black hair (Tatsuki hair), brown eyes, about 5'8”.
-Was particularly adept at sports in elementary and middle school, the best in any sport she tried, but when she hit high school, around the age of 13, puberty hit her hard and she grew enormous breasts, and could not perform her athletic duties as well because her boobs got in the way, and hurt when she jostled around too much. As a result, she became a little chubby, but tries to remain active. She is jealous of Jessie because Jessie is still able to remain active despite her similarly huge boobs, and claims she is able to because Jessie is taller (by 2”). Envious of Apple for her small, near non-existent chest. She keeps her boobs as covered as she can. Goes by Elle because she hates her name, which she calls “an old lady's name”. Prettier than she admits she is. Is interested in guys, but often scares them off with her assertive attitude and athletic prowess. Always balances school work and sports, as such was slightly above average in her studies, though because she could not perform all of her sports to the best of her ability, she concentrated more on her studies later in high school. Excels at history, though doesn't particular care for it. Desires to have a profession as either a physical trainer, or PE teacher. The only sport she could still excel at with her build was Girl's Rugby, on which she earned a small scholarship for college. Likes darker toned clothes, and wears loose clothing to hide her breasts, but the result makes her look chubbier than she actually is. Will otherwise wear form-fitting athletic uniform depending on the sport. Gets her drive from her parents, who firmly push her to succeed, possibly because she's an only child.
-Likes: working out, any sports activity, playing fighting/battle video games, guilty pleasures include romance novels, romantic comedies, and sweets, chocolate in particular. Can prepare healthy meals, though doesn't cook otherwise. Secretly attracted to very muscular, athletic men, to the point of ignoring their personality if they're buff enough. Listens to rock/metal to pump her up for exercise. Likes action movies.
-Dislikes: laziness, schmaltzy stuff (besides her books and movies). P.D.A. (public displays of affection). Enjoys all veggies except beets."

more details, or changed details, may come about as (or if) I develop my OCs further.

for the first time, I can say:
Elle is property of me, DoomBerry83, but free to look at bu all :)
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