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November 18, 2013
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Introducing my OCs: Jessie by DoomBerry83 Introducing my OCs: Jessie by DoomBerry83
I've said in passing before how I've kinda wanted to make my own original characters, so I finally did. I have one more to eventually introduce. I've already introduced Elle and Nira. This is Jessie, seen here posing for her team MVP photo for the yearbook, in her modified uniform.  Info about her below.

When I wrote the descriptions for all of them, I did it in a sort of stream-of-consciousness style, to try not to think about it too hard, and to introduce elements I otherwise wouldn't have thought of, and to try to keep my personality out of their personality.

Here's what I wrote:
"-fit build, slim, enormous breasts, long blond hair in tight pony tail, perpetual sunny disposition, 5'10”. Light blue eyes. Based partially on Orihime.
-Went through same odd breast growth as Elle, though was somehow able to still perform her activities, and as such stay fit (though is not necessarily as athletic as Elle). Seems almost unaware of how cumbersome her breasts are, and how others looks at her, as she dresses in revealing clothes. Always chewing gum. Very cute, but unaware of it. Able to best most guys at athletic events, but doesn't lord it over them. Sometimes absent-minded but not ditzy, she was an average student, but would sometimes let her studies slip if she concentrated too much on sports, and sometimes would slack in sports if she concentrated too much on school. She earned a scholarship for Girl's Softball for college. While she enjoys sports, she wants her life to revolve around helping others, and spends a lot of time performing community service, and hopes to become either a social worker, or teacher. Parents are slightly amused by their daughter and let her do as she pleases. Has younger brother who fights for her honor against advancing creeps.
-Likes: cute things, especially teddy bears. Gum, especially watermelon flavor. Any Watermelon flavored snacks. Can cook moderately well. Enjoys being on her phone, even during sports, constantly texting and taking pictures. Listens almost primarily to Latino pop, though doesn't understand the lyrics, nor attempts to find translations. Particularly attracted to musicians, especially drummers, no matter what they look like. Likes tight, bright clothes, usually of her own design, having learned how to make clothes from Apple. Watches children's animated shows.  
-Dislikes: itches and scratches (most people don't but she finds them particularly annoying). Rudeness. Silence. Mushrooms."

Jessie belongs to DoomBerry83 :)
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Is Jessie the tallest OC that you ever made?

Myself: Hello there. And who is this beautiful lady here?
Actually my OC Apple is supposed to be tallest at 6'2'', but I haven't had a situation arise to show that off yet.
Avatar:  So how old were you when you boobs started to appear?
Jessie: It started for me around right after grade school, early on. I hit puberty early, and started developing the figure I have today as soon as 13. I got a lot of attention pretty early.
Avatar:  I'll say!!   They suit you perfectly.  Do you mind looking for bras?
Jessie: Looking for bras used to be hard, especially when I was younger and needed to shop in the adult sections, but Apple has been a big help with making new, special fit bras that fit me perfectly, and even have cute designs. She's done that for all of us.
Avatar:  Did you enjoy being a big boobed kid?
Jessie: honestly it was kinda hard getting used to finding good balance. And I felt my back hurt a bit. That's why I put even more effort into staying fit.
Avatar: LOL  I would'nt have love to seen you trying to get your balance lol.
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